Product Description

The Hampton Wreath is the perfect coastal addition to any home’s entrance.
Handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, these ornamentally woven wreaths welcome
guests with sophisticated ease. Made from burlap and manila roping, the wreaths
are durable and provide a yearlong backdrop for seasonal décor. Adorned with
stylish ribbons or stunning seashells, The Hampton Wreath can evoke a dressed-up
or casual look that is welcoming to your taste. Each Hampton Wreath is made
with natural, long-lasting materials that provides an elegant look and a durability
that will withstand the seasons. Custom wreaths are available on request and can
be created to match the style of any home.

More Than Just a Wreath

The Noress Company, a division of the Center of Hope Foundation Inc. hand
makes each Hampton Wreath to the highest quality. Proceeds benefit the
Center of Hope Foundation Inc. which is a non-profit organization providing
people with disabilities and their families the resources, services, and opportunities
to be contributing members to their communities and achieve the most fulfilling
and meaningful lives possible.

DIMENSIONS: 21” diameter
WEIGHT: approx. 6 pounds
MATERIALS: Made from burlap, manila and/or polypropylene roping
COLORS: The Hampton Wreath is available in manila and blonde.
ACCESSORIES: Accessorize your Hampton Wreath with the Festive Wreath System, sold separately.
PRICE: $99.00 MSRP

For more information please email info@thefestivehome.com.