The Festive Home Celebrates One Year!

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Jen Fallon

As my kids buzzed around me with Halloween excitement, it dawned on me that October 31st is more than just a day for tricks and treats – it’s the one year anniversary of The Festive Home. How time flies! I can’t believe that this idea I had to help make homes a little more ‘festive’ has snowballed into such a wonderful adventure.  I am so thankful for this journey and those I’ve met along the way: from working on interior design and adding wreaths to my offerings, then producing wreaths with my family in our garage, making lasting connections with retailers who support our work, expanding into more than 40 stores throughout all of New England, and advancing our wreath-making system. What a whirlwind it’s been! In the coming weeks, I’ll dive deeper into the company timeline and call out those who I am particularly grateful for in their support. I am excited to see what this year has to offer!

Wreaths in the garage_the festive home

Finished wreath


Retail Road Trippin’ and Fall Foliage Fun

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fall-vermontbenningtonThis week, as I wrapped myself in a cozy sweater and took a deep breath of crisp air, I looked up to notice that the leaves – almost suddenly – are an enchanting sea of gold, orange and red. And it hit me – fall has officially arrived. This weekend is especially lovely because many people have Monday off for Columbus Day. For my fellow New Englanders (and those visiting the area), now is the perfect time to take advantage of Columbus Day retail savings while also enjoying the season’s stunning foliage. Of course, adding a bit of crafts and decorating can only amplify the fun. This calls for one very important thing – a retail road trip!

I begin my road trips by planning a route that really takes advantage of leaf peeping. There are certain websites like Fodors’ Travel and the Travel Channel that detail a few of the most eye-catching routes. Since we’ll be looking to also do some shopping with an eye toward fall décor, plan a route that has some interesting stores along the way. If you’re heading toward Maine, I fodors fall foliagesuggest stopping at Hoboken Gardens to pick up all your fall floral needs, along with a Festive Home wreath. Take in the autumn scenes, drink a cup of warm cider, and spend the night at Samoset Resort, which provides unparalleled views of the ocean. A true New England weekend.

Taking some leaves home with you can lend to creative and fun projects that will make your road trip memories last.  Martha Stuart has a three-step, yet very impressive, candleholder project that gives the leaves a beautiful glow and can brighten up the home with the colors of coastal pumkins 12
fall. Be sure to also pick up some pumpkins along the way – you can trace the leaves on them, or decorate to match your home. I love the idea of a coastal pumpkin theme, which marries nautical décor with the feeling of fall.

From mapping your trip, to stopping at festive stores, into Hoboken Gardens, or spending an evening at Samoset Resort, you are sure to have fun on your road trip this season!

Chasing Away the Winter Blues with Blue Blossoms – Hydrangeas!

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tfh hydrangeas-mThe beautiful bold colors of hydrangeas can brighten most anyone’s day. From the bundles of blue I often see blossoming along the seaside to the fresh cuts that liven up my kitchen table – hydrangeas always seem to put a smile on my face. But, the harsh winter can really take its toll on this plant, and last year’s frosty temperatures were no exception.

The cold can damage stems or hurt certain types of hydrangea plants that are not cold-hearty. Hardiness can be found in two main places: the roots and the stems. Root hardiness means survival even if the above-ground stems get damaged or die. Stem hardiness means that both the roots and stems do well in cold temperatures. For tfh hydrangea 2
whose buds flourish on old wood, stem damage means little or no blooming in the following season. This happens in one of the most popular types of hydrangeas, hydrangea macrophylla, which is known for its large heads of pink and blue flowers. It is also commonly referred to as a bigleaf hydrangea.


With old man winter lurking around the corner, I wanted to share some quick tips to care for your hydrangeas now, to ensure you have the best blooms possible next season:

– Prune all dead branches, which are typically found at the base of the plant (be careful not to snip healthy branches, which will take their buds along with them!)

– To help insulate the plant, build a frame around it with stakes of wood, and then use chicken wire to connect the wood and encompass the plant – building a cage of sorts

– Make sure the caging is tight to the plant and then wrap it in burlap (if you’re in the North East like me, this will ensure your plants are warm enough but not too warm that they overheat) Burlap Wrap

– If you’re just buying a hydrangea, try one of these types that have a better chance of surviving the cold: the Forever and Ever® series, the Let’s Dance® series and the Next Generation® series

Making it Last

When you are able to enjoy your beautiful hydrangea blossoms, take time to cut some and bring them in to decorate your house.

– For a rustic look, place them in a mason jar and using it as a centerpiece

– You can also let your hydrangeas dry to enjoy them longer. You do not necessarily need to hang them upside down to dry unless the stems are very thin and weakHydrangea

– Try using Silica gel during the drying process, to preserve their fresh bloomed look

– To top off the look, pair with a nautical wreath for a fresh, seaside feel

– To pull everything together,  contact The Festive Home to help think of more creative and resourceful ways to use hydrangeas as décor and keep your home looking fresh all year round

While winter may be creeping in, there is much we can do to prepare our hydrangeas to not just survive, but thrive next year. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the new bloom and, until then, am enjoying the ones I’ve been fortunate enough to have so far!

Get Creative! Five Steps for Inspirational Homework Rooms or Workstations

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It’s hard to believe that the sound of flip flops is fading and the ringing of school bells is taking its place. My children are already beginning to work hard at school, and I wanted to do something to help inspire and motivate them. In the past, a dedicated homework station has kept them focused and allowed both the structure they crave (but would never admit to) and a sense of ownership over their daily tasks. I decided that revamping their current homework area is the best place to start for a fresh beginning to the new school year.

For those looking to do the same, I find the following path most useful for this type of kid-friendly redecorating project:


Photo credit: PotteryBarn Kids

Photo credit: PotteryBarn Kids

1. Designate a room or area in your house to be the homework station. This should be the main function of the room/area so that your children associate this space with a time to focus.

2. Map out how you envision this area to look and what additional furniture or supplies are needed. What do you already have that you can repurpose?

3. Ask yourself, is this homework area practical? Does it have every-day items we’ll need like hooks for knapsacks? Durable furniture?   What do I need to buy to make it sustainable?



4. Make a list of supplies needed and head to the store. This is a great opportunity to get your kids involved –they can help make the list and you can take them to the store with you!

Items to consider:

Photo credit: Sand and Sisal

Bulletin board
Shelving /cubbies
Lighting /desk lamps
Chalk Paint for a brainstorming board
Area rug
Hooks for knapsacks
Supplies – glue, markers, pencils, scrap paper


Homework Room

Photo credit: PotteryBarn Kids

5. I tend to gravitate toward summer-themed spaces to help keep the fun alive all year long. This is a great opportunity to get your kids involved for a creative project that will also make them feel even more-so connected to the room. Try framing a summer photo your children took with a friend or of a sunset. Or, get creative with your kids’ summer treasures – for instance, if they have seashells from the beach, try gluing them to the frame for an extra flair. A nautical wreath on the door can tie it together for a twist of sophistication.

However your homework area turns out, from the beginning of the day when they grab their knapsack to head off to school, to the end of the day when they return home, having a dedicated space will help with organization, scheduling and keeping them focused during homework time.The school hallways might demand, “do your homework!” but we are prepared and are having fun doing


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