Fall in Love with your Home All over Again: Week 2

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Last week I wrote about the first seven tips for falling back in love with your home. This week, I’d like to wish you all an early Happy Valentine’s Day and am pleased to bring you the final seven tips for the week:

photo credit: Pottery Barn

Sunday, February 8:  Saveur the Moment

Nothing says love more than a nice good old, home-cooked meal. Make a point to slow down the pace of your day and gather the family for a nice Sunday dinner. Make it truly special by preparing a meal from a cookbook you have on the shelf or pull out an old family recipe. Go the extra mile to make it a true occasion by setting the table and adding a special centerpiece and enjoy the conversation with the ones you love.

Monday, February 9:  Let’s Get Spicy

We’re not talking cooking again, but spicing up your house with a bit of color could be just what you need this time of year.  Perhaps some new accent pillows with this season’s hottest color — Marsala. It’s been named the Pantone color of the year and the red earthy hue might just be what you need to add a little spice in your life – and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday, February 10:  Baking with the Kids

Let’s face it, kids love cookies (actually, who doesn’t…) and what a better way to spend some quality time and teaching them how to bake.  Plan to bake some heart-shaped cookies after school one day this week and have them add their own little touches with sprinkles and frosting.  Don’t worry about the mess – just have fun!

Wednesday, February 11:  Call it Puppy Love

I have a couple of adorable dogs and couldn’t imagine my life without them.  Animals have such a way of showing us unconditional love; the best kind.  So, make sure you treat your pet special this Valentine’s week (and always) and show them how much you care by taking some extra time to be with them — buy them their favorite treats or a new toy, give them a bath or a good belly rub, splurge for a new bed or simply just snuggle with them on the couch. They won’t thank you enough.

Thursday, February 12:  Family Night

When was the last time you popped some popcorn, shut off all electronics and actually sat in the same room with the family to watch a good movie or play a game? Exactly. Well, pick a night that is good for everyone and enjoy each other’s company by having a “game night or a movie night.” Games like Clue or Catch Phrase are some of my favorites and are a great way to share quality time, fun, and laughs with the whole family – and don’t forget your pet – they are family too.

Friday, February 13:  Go Glam

Go the extra mile to add some glam!  Whether your Valentine’s plans involve a dinner out or a nice romantic dinner in for two, make sure you are looking and feeling your best.  Is there a nice dress or some special jewelry sitting in your bedroom waiting to be worn for that special occasion? Or would you like some assistance picking out the perfect outfit? Whatever you have planned, make it special!

Saturday, February 14:  Be Sentimental

It’s the day to honor your loved ones– whether you’re spending the day with the love of your life, your children, parents, pet or close friends, we can all do something special for Valentine’s Day.  Show your appreciation to those that brighten our lives by sharing a special photo or writing a short note.  The most moving gestures are those small thoughtful acknowledgements that come with sincerity from the heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!